We provide estate planning services for individuals and families. The value we provide rests in the relationships we build with our clients, the plan we design specifically for you, and the systems we’ve created to ensure your plan will never stop working for you and your family.

Last Will & Testament

Communicate your final wishes and protect your family

Power of Attorney

Ensure your affairs are taken care of if you are unable to do so yourself

Revocable Living Trust

Keep your family out of court and out of conflict

Healthcare Directive

Specify what actions should be taken for your health in the event you cannot do so yourself

Pour-over Will

Ensure all your assets are properly transferred into your living trust

Child Protection Plan

Comprehensive planning for your children should something happen to you

Attorney Prepared

Our Attorney preparation solution gives you the most relaxing and secured services available. Free consultation session, secure communications and the absolute relaxation coming from knowing your Estate Planning...

Assisted Preparation

With Assisted Preparation services, after you have completed the Dynamic Interview, we take over to insure your documents are complete and notify you of any additional requirements for your state or needs. We will...