Many of us have heard stories about people paying large amount of money only to find out the estate plans fail because the trust is not properly funded, people going through lengthy court process for administration of probate and appointment of guardianship for someone without valid will, and families facing conflicts regarding inheritance. Yet many people are reluctant to seek legal advice to protect their assets and their loved ones because public perception of the legal industry has generally been associated with unpredictable and expensive hourly fees, and transactional relationship with lawyers, meaning you are on your own after documents are delivered.

Instead of following traditional model of legal practice, I want to become a trusted advisor, guiding my clients through the complex and often confusing maze of financial and legal decisions, and to create plans that will ensure the well-being of their families. All of this is done at a flat fee pre-selected by the client.

This is really about you and your loved ones. My goal is to listen to your concerns and create plans that will take care of your family so you can live a quality life knowing you’ve done the right thing, and ultimately, to give you the peace of mind you deserve.